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Skilling Workers For The Future: Aust Unis Are Always Thinking Ahead

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Update time : 2018-08-12 06:57:50

Australian universities are adapting continuously to prepare Australians for the onslaught of rapid and sweeping changes in the future of work – as a new report out today highlights.

Lifelong skills: equipping Australians for the future of work also underscores that industry, Governments and universities need to work closely together to equip Australians for that future.

Universities Australia Chief Executive Catriona said the Australian Technology Network's report showed universities are always thinking ahead to help Australians prepare for jobs and careers being reshaped by economic and technological change.

"In the next couple of decades, we expect to see big changes across our national economy as technology and artificial intelligence start to reshape our lives and workplaces on an even bigger scale," she said.

"Australia will rely even more heavily on having great universities and wide access to university education to equip our people and communities with the skills to stay ahead of that change." 

Ms commended the ATN and said its report builds on a work program across the sector, including by Universities Australia, to help Australia envisage and prepare for the future.

"Australian universities always have an eye on the horizon. They are constantly thinking about the future and how we can equip workers and businesses to prepare for it,” said Ms J.

“The skills you typically acquire in a university education – analysis, critical thinking and other 'enterprise skills' -- will become even more important as many more of us start to see technology used to a greater extent within our jobs."

“Retaining wide access to a university education will be crucial for lifelong learning, upskilling and reskilling, so Australian workers can keep ahead of sweeping economic change."

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