XXL Cargo Service

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XXL Cargo Service is the projects to show RICH’s best service in the strength of logistics. It has been proved by many cases that, there has been always reflecting RICH’s professional quality and operational strength from the design of the XXL project log

[1] Classification of Bulky Cargo Transportation

Bulky Cargo (XXL) means all the goods that can not or do not fit with the normal standard containers. we can offer the following 3 modes of transport for XXL:

  1. Out-Of-Gauge Cargo (OOG): Any goods with the bigger length width and height dimensions than ordinary TEU carrying capacity, but they can be loaded into a single open-top container, flat container/ frame container.

  2. Break Bulk Cargo (BBCargo): Any oversized cargo that does not fit into one single Open Top or Flat Rack container, such as Large yacht cruises, large engineering  high-volume machinery, trains/ railway systems, large turbines, generators, also includes those large goods that can only be loaded with special heavy lifting machinery.

  3. The way to load such cargo with container-vessel is to use more than one assembled flat-container which will be put side by side as the support bed platform of the goods. Usually this frame will be arranged under deck, but sometimes will be above the deck due to actual arrangement.

[2] Necessary works before booking

  1. information of packing for goods: CAD drawing, photos of entity, confirmed final size of the goods& packing( Tips: the measurement of outer diameter, maximum size for length/width/height, and it has to be fully considered the status during transportation such as the changing of size after repacking or unloading some parts), gross weight and net weight.

  2. information of transportation for goods: place of receipt, delivery terms, port of loading, port of discharge, trading terms, customs details, Lashing way, transporting terms( include handling terms) and so on.

  3. the unloading capacity and undertaking requirement for the port of discharge, for example: the suitable loading/unloading  stockpiling after unloading and the second time delivery terms in the port of discharge.

  4. duty people for lashing /handling, as well as the confirmed third-party inspection cooperation / surveyor.

  5. offer the quotation according to the information above all, declare necessary terms, process and valid date for quotation.

[3] The precautions for XXL cargo

  1. Confirmation of loading / lashing responsibility. RICH will confirm with clients about the duty people for all aspects of lashing and lifting responsibility before quoted to avoid the situation such as unmanned lashing errors or dual labor wasted costs. We will prepare well the qualified lashing material specification and use scientific simple banding process to ensure the safe transport of goods. We will make the appropriate preparations to prepare for contingencies even the customers themselves lashing at the factory.

  2. RICH company will employ surveyor for the inspection and verification of cargo lashing strength and situation and provide certificate, no matter who will take the charge of lashing.

  3. The confirmation of measurement and weight. The date from client should not be less than actual even with 1cm different as it will lead to double confirmation, what’s worse, the price will be different. And the worst thing is, the whole project has to be rejected/destroyed immediately.

  4. The audit to customs documents. Demanding operational time usually required by special cargo. In turn, same harsh requirement for the various matters, especially the time for customs declaring. Therefore, it is particularly important to audit all the customs docs and process before loading. RICH ensure a foolproof declaration by rely on our keen perception and many years of experience and in the field.

  5. The redundancy configuration and balance of time and other conditions: Transportation for the goods of this kind unlike ordinary container liner service, generally are arranged with designated vessel name, and without any delay. Especially bulk cargo, the span between two vessels would be 1-3 months or longer, it will be more complicated for intermodal project. As it will incur a very serious consequences and enormous additional costs once confirmed schedule missed. Therefore, the necessary redundancy will be arranged in each step during the operation of such goods. For example, more than enough for lashing materials, reported size, weight, pre-carried transit time, customs clearance time and so on. It will not affect the overall progress of the project even if a link delayed some time.

  6. Zero tolerance for fluke mind. RICH says zero tolerance to fluke mind during actual operation. Any problems, we maintain the close communication with our customers and each supplier as well as our team in order to ensure the smooth progress of the whole project.


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